14 "Little Things" To Help a Grieving Friend
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      -Adina Bailey, Co-founder of TakeThemAMeal.com
It is strange to say, but the sweetest and richest I have ever known love is in grief. The pain invites the compassion and comfort of others, and this love honestly has rescued me time and time again. Reaching out to those in sorrow or crisis can feel overwhelming, possibly even intimidating. What do I say... what do I do?
This year in my grief, love came in little ways. Each gift and gesture was like a candle lighting a path for me to be able to make it one step at a time through the dark path of grief ahead. Anniversary grief is brutal. I think in the beginning I just assumed that after eight years, the pain would lessen and that I would be immune to the agony of her absence. Not so. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the kind souls that know me, know my pain, mark their calendars and shed light and love on the darkness we trudge through each February, each birthday without Anna.
I thought I would share with you some of the simple ways love came to me this year:
  • An email from a friend I haven't seen in years on the morning of my daughter's birthday.
  • A Starbucks gift card in the mail from a friend who lives out of town.
  • Brightly colored flowers from the four year old son of a dear friend.
  • A beautiful letter from my wonderful mother.
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • A birthday card in honor of Anna from a family in our new church.
  • A box of chocolate dipped fruit from a mom friend from school.
  • A beautiful picture of a rose drawn by my niece in honor of my Anna Rose.
  • A homemade rose bud necklace from a new friend.
  • A picture and letter from my oldest son.
  • A homemade CD filled with beautiful music.
  • A new book for our children sent in the mail from a dear friend.
  • A delicious meal- the completely homemade, really nurturing kind.
  • And my sister bought a new pink sweater to wear on Anna's birthday, to remember and honor her all day long.
All these little things, they all say, "We remember her and we remember you."
This was a season of grief, but it certainly has been full of love. So thank you to those of you who hugged me tight with your little gestures.
Who in your life could be blessed by your "little things" in the coming days and months? What gesture of love might you offer to shine light into someone's darkness?
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