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Meatloaf Burgers with Vegetable Bean Medley
Serves 3-4 people

Meatloaf Burgers with Vegetable Bean Medley
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Meal Serving 3-4 People
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This 3-4 Person Meal Includes:
  • Meatloaf Burgers
  • Chimichurri Sauce
  • Vegetable Bean Medley
  • (4) Glossy Buns
  • (6) Monster Cookies
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Meatloaf Burgers
Our beef meatloaf burgers are juicy on the inside and slightly browned on the outside. They are filled with the flavors of classic meatloaf and served with a side of Creamy Chimichurri Sauce to top it off.

Chimichurri Sauce
Our Creamy Chimichurri Sauce is a wonderful condiment for our Meatloaf Burgers.

Vegetable Bean Medley
This vibrant vegetable bean medley is dressed with our house vinaigrette.

(4) Glossy Buns
Enjoy our Meatloaf Burgers on these classic glossy buns.

(6) Monster Cookies
Our hearty ready-to-bake cookies are made from wholesome ingredients: real butter, organic peanut butter, rolled oats and raw sugar and chock full of chocolate chips.

Ingredient List

This product is manufactured in a facility that processes egg, wheat, milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

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$59.95 + shipping

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