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Questions about Sending A Meal?
While many who use our website will prepare a meal in their own kitchen, we recognize that's not always possible. To help provide meals for those who are unable to cook and/or deliver a meal to their recipient themselves, we've partnered with A Bowl of Good, a local cafe here in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. A Bowl of Good offers healthy, hearty, and comforting meals made with fresh, delicious ingredients.
All meals offered in our website's store are freshly prepared at A Bowl of Good. Once prepared, meals are frozen and shipped.
Here's what you can expect from a meal purchased through our website's store:
  • All meals are shipped frozen (with dry ice) via FedEx.
  • Meals are shipped weekdays to destinations across the (lower 48) United States.
  • Meals are fully prepared (with the exception of the cookie doughs) and only need to be thawed and heated. Simple instructions are included with each meal shipment so your recipient will be sure to know how to enjoy your thoughtful meal gift!
  • Meals are intentionally delivered in advance of the sign-up date on a meal schedule. This allows for both transit and thawing time. We recommend that recipients plan to eat their meal any day after the delivery date.
  • Once meals are delivered to your recipient, they can be thawed and eaten within several days or kept frozen until it's convenient.
  • Each meal shipment includes a personal note -- complete with your personalized text to your recipient.
We think caring for others with meals shouldn't be difficult! So, whether next door or across the country, you can easily and confidently provide "a bowl of good" to your friend or loved one.
Check out our FAQ if you have other questions, or email us with your question and we will reply as soon as possible.
For questions about sending a meal or current orders from our store, contact