Meals For . . . Aleita Lemon-Gary

Meal Coordinator:  Dawn Zucca  2154210764

Deliver Meals To:   3012 cottage Lane, Norristown, PA 19401   484-804-0950

Notes from Dawn Zucca . . .

Aleita is the mother of 23-month-old twins, Veronica and Robert. Veronica was diagnosed with leukemia July 13, 2017. The time and financial involvement necessary to meet the needs of Veronica are great. There are days when they go to CHOP more than once a day. This family would benefit from the delivery of meals. Aleita's mom is heavily involved in the care and transport of her grandchildren and accompanies her to nearly every visit.

You are preparing a meal for 3 Adults and 2 children.

There are NO known food allergies.

This family eats their evening meal at 6:30pm.
You may deliver anytime after 3:00pm

Additional blessings... Veronica is currently struggling with meals and has lost weight. She is drinking a lot of whole milk. They would be blessed if you added a gallon of whole milk to your meal delivery. The children enjoy Chick-fil-A as well and a gift card would be welcome.

Suggestions from TakeThemAMeal . . .
  • Are you delivering dinner? Consider including breakfast treats too!
  • Consider taking your meal in a disposable container!
  • Consider including some paper products with your meal to provide for easy meal clean up!