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What is TakeThemAMeal.com?

Is TakeThemAMeal.com a free service?

How are meals provided through TakeThemAMeal.com?

Will meal providers be reminded of their upcoming meals to provide?

What emails should each person involved in the meal schedule expect to receive?

What's the best way to enter email addresses in "Invite Friends"?

As a meal recipient, can I get a list of who has brought me meals?

The information I originally entered for the meal schedule is now incorrect. Help!

Do I need to create a new schedule if more meals are needed? How do I extend my schedule?

How do I end a schedule if people are signed up and the meals are no longer needed?

Oops --- I seem to have forgotten my administrative password. Should I set up a new account?

What tips do you have for churches?

I'd like to set up a schedule for my friend who is having a baby soon but we don't know exactly when the baby will arrive. How should I proceed?

My friend's need for meals is going to be irregular (i.e. we might need to start and stop meals suddenly). What is the best way to set up the meal schedule?

As a meal coordinator, what do I do if people are still calling me instead of using the website?

I'd like to have a meal schedule created for me because of illness, new baby, etc. but do not want to act as the coordinator. What can I do?

How does TakeThemAMeal.com work without accounts?

Does TakeThemAMeal.com accept international addresses?

What is the TakeThemAMeal.com privacy policy?

Who created and is maintaining TakeThemAMeal.com?

How do you provide this website for free?


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