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Hannah has broken her right hand. She is a nurse at Grady, so this means she can't work. She is also in training to become a mid-wife and the break will delay her completing this. We'll be cooking for two - Hannah and Justin, her boyfriend. They don't eat beef or pork - everything else is fine. They have no allergies.
Hannah and Justin live in a very tightly gated community. When we took a meal Thursday, Hannah had to walk down to the gate, we left our car, dodged under the gate, and walked to the apartment and up the steps to the 3rd floor. I asked Hannah how to make this more "user friendly" and she said Justin can come by the house of the "cook-of-the-day" nd pick up dinner between 5 and 6. Justin's cell is (616) 970-1387. I encourage calling and arranging a pick-up.

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