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With a heavy heart, whether you know this family or not, I ask for your help. This King WIlliam family experienced a huge loss, Cynthia Lapierre passed away suddenly, Tuesday, January 9th. She leaves behind a husband and five children.

Please bless this family and sign up to bring a meal.
If you feel this is to far of a ride for you, no problem ! I can get the meal there, text me for any questions 804-503-7883 PS freezer meals are always welcome.

This family has no allergies, please do make sure that the family does not receive a pasta meal every day (how ever they do enjoy pasta).

The meals don't have to all be homemade, picking up something from a restaurant like pizza is totally fine as well.

5 kids and 2 adults, NO allergies

Meals delivered around 5.15-5.30 If you need to deliver meal at a different time text (or call) the family 804 972 1370

This is a huge blessing, thank you

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  • Can't take a meal from your own kitchen? Send one instead. Click here to order.
  • Are you delivering dinner? Consider including breakfast items too.
  • Consider taking your meal in a disposable container.
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