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**As we continue to "feed the guys", here is the calendar for the next three months. Your dinners have been a huge hit and such a blessing to these very busy men (who don't really cook )**

We will be helping out the priests and seminarian by providing dinners 2x a week. Please be mindful of what others are preparing on the days around your meal, so that we don't have too many repetitions.

There are no allergies, they like just about everything and we would like to encourage healthy, homemade meals. Please keep bbq sauce on the side.

Meals should be brought to the side door of the rectory, ready to serve, between 5-6pm. There will be a cooler on the porch that you may place the meal in.

Call or text me if you have any questions. 248-214-6845

Suggestions from . . .
  • Send them a meal instead. Click here to order.
  • Are you delivering dinner? Consider including breakfast items too.
  • Consider taking your meal in a disposable container.
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Tue, Oct 19 Lynn Gura 248-495-9563 Chicken & Dumpling Stew w/Vegetables, Side of cooked Apples/Cinnamon, Cookies Change   |   Remove
Thu, Oct 21 Linda Stevens 2483428157 Spaghetti Change   |   Remove
Tue, Oct 26 Mary Ann Romeo 248-496-8338 TBD Change   |   Remove
Thu, Oct 28 Traci McLaughlin Chicken Noodle Soup Change   |   Remove
Tue, Nov 2 Jeanette Skipinski 2486930440 surprise Change   |   Remove
Thu, Nov 4 Mary Reynolds 2489699948 Cranberry Chicken casserole Change   |   Remove
Tue, Nov 9 Susan Maddox 7345524912 TBD Change   |   Remove
Thu, Nov 11 Debbie Bloomgren 2486930440 Pasta with mushrooms and Italian sausage Change   |   Remove
Tue, Nov 16 Lauren Tatiana Dinha 2482526715 Surprise Change   |   Remove
Thu, Nov 18 Teri Bologna 2484950563 Salsa Cous Cous Chicken Change   |   Remove
Tue, Nov 23 Elaine Brackon 248-693-4993 Meatloaf Change   |   Remove
Tue, Nov 30 Eileen Ward 2486888987 Minestrone soup Change   |   Remove
Thu, Dec 2 Angela Mandziuk 2488354370 Chicken and pasta Change   |   Remove
Tue, Dec 7 Jeanette Skipinski 2486930440 surprise Change   |   Remove
Thu, Dec 9 Susan Maddox 7345524912 TBD Change   |   Remove
Tue, Dec 14 Concetta Krause 2488307668 Lasagna/salad Change   |   Remove
Thu, Dec 16 Cynthia Galvin 2485052293 TBD Change   |   Remove
Tue, Dec 21 Melissa Geyer 2485689421 Tbd Change   |   Remove
Thu, Dec 23 Michelle Raab 248-224-2274 Stew Change   |   Remove
Tue, Dec 28 Theresa Radich 2483904483 Surprise Change   |   Remove
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