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Meals should be prepared for three people.

We regret to announce the passing of Steven Hartstein zl, the brother of our member Jonathan Hartstein.

The funeral details are still to be decided in the US, so Jon has already begun to sit shiva here. He will be sitting shiva through Friday afternoon, December 31, at Rehov Miller 7/6, second floor.

Because of the current health situation, Jon has decided to daven outside his home at one of the shuls on his block. He will welcome visitors from 9:00 13:00 and from 15:00 21:00.

Please obey coronavirus restrictions, wear a mask and visit only if you are fully immunized.

Our community wants to ensure that meals for those sitting shiva will be provided.
Please check details at
and sign yourselves up so that we can ensure that this important mitzva is fulfilled.

Remember to check details on the website ( ) regularly for relevant updates and new information.


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