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First, thank you for bringing a meal to the Thatcher family.

Bringing a new baby home can be an adjustment whether it is the first or the fifth. To help with the adjustment, we want to bring meals to the new family. They say it takes a village to raise a child and St. John's is a great village to be a part of. The Thatcher family consist of two adults, one child and one new bundle of joy. Please call or text Christine on the day you choose to help arrange a time to bring the meal over.

Not a cook? Buy a meal they can quickly make or get delivery!

Please make items in a disposable container so that they new family does not have to remember to get the container back to you.
Consider also bringing quick breakfast items like muffins or bagels. You can even include dessert or fresh fruit.

Thank you so much for signing up.

Any questions please feel free to contact Maredith Feldshau at 224-817-6007.

Suggestions from . . .
  • Can't take a meal from your own kitchen? Send one instead. Click here to order.
  • Are you delivering dinner? Consider including breakfast items too.
  • Consider taking your meal in a disposable container.
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