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A meal for 10 people
We can reheat the food

Breakfast: boiled eggs/sausage/cereals
Lunch: hotdogs/boerewors rolls/hamburgers/sandwiches
Dinner: stew/macaroni dishes etc.

Delivery at 131 Standard Drive Blairgowrie @8am, 12:30pm and 6pm respectively on Saturdays and Sundays.
Just ring the buzzer and we will come out to collect.
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Sat, Oct 31 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Oct 31 Lunch       Take
Sat, Oct 31 Dinner Theresa Michael  
Sun, Nov 1 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 1 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 1 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 7 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 7 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 7 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 8 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 8 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 8 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 14 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 14 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 14 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 15 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 15 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 15 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 21 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 21 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 21 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 22 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 22 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 22 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 28 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 28 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 28 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 29 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 29 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 29 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 5 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 5 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 5 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 6 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 6 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 6 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 12 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 12 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 12 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 13 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 13 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 13 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 19 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 19 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 19 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 20 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 20 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 20 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 26 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 26 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 26 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 27 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 27 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 27 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 2 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 2 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 2 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 3 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 3 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 3 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 9 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 9 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 9 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 10 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 10 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 10 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 16 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 16 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 16 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 17 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 17 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 17 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 23 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 23 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 23 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 24 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 24 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 24 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 30 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 30 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 30 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 31 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 31 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 31 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 6 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 6 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 6 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 7 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 7 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 7 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 13 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 13 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 13 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 14 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 14 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 14 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 20 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 20 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 20 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 21 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 21 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 21 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 27 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 27 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 27 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 28 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 28 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 28 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 6 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 6 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 6 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 7 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 7 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 7 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 13 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 13 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 13 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 14 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 14 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 14 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 20 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 20 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 20 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 21 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 21 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 21 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 27 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 27 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 27 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 28 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 28 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 28 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 3 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 3 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 3 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 4 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 4 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 4 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 10 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 10 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 10 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 11 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 11 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 11 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 17 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 17 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 17 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 18 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 18 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 18 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 24 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 24 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 24 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 25 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 25 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 25 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 1 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 1 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 1 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 2 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 2 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 2 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 8 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 8 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 8 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 9 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 9 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 9 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 15 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 15 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 15 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 16 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 16 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 16 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 22 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 22 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 22 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 23 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 23 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 23 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 29 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 29 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 29 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 30 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 30 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 30 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 5 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 5 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 5 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 6 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 6 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 6 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 12 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 12 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 12 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 13 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 13 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 13 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 19 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 19 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 19 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 20 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 20 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 20 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 26 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 26 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 26 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 27 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 27 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 27 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 3 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 3 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 3 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 4 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 4 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 4 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 10 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 10 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 10 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 11 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 11 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 11 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 17 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 17 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 17 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 18 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 18 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 18 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 24 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 24 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 24 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 25 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 25 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 25 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 31 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 31 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 31 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 1 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 1 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 1 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 7 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 7 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 7 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 8 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 8 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 8 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 14 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 14 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 14 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 15 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 15 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 15 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 21 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 21 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 21 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 22 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 22 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 22 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 28 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 28 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 28 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 29 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 29 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 29 Dinner       Take
Sat, Sep 4 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Sep 4 Lunch       Take
Sat, Sep 4 Dinner       Take
Sun, Sep 5 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Sep 5 Lunch       Take
Sun, Sep 5 Dinner       Take
Sat, Sep 11 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Sep 11 Lunch       Take
Sat, Sep 11 Dinner       Take
Sun, Sep 12 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Sep 12 Lunch       Take
Sun, Sep 12 Dinner       Take
Sat, Sep 18 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Sep 18 Lunch       Take
Sat, Sep 18 Dinner       Take
Sun, Sep 19 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Sep 19 Lunch       Take
Sun, Sep 19 Dinner       Take
Sat, Sep 25 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Sep 25 Lunch       Take
Sat, Sep 25 Dinner       Take
Sun, Sep 26 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Sep 26 Lunch       Take
Sun, Sep 26 Dinner       Take
Sat, Oct 2 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Oct 2 Lunch       Take
Sat, Oct 2 Dinner       Take
Sun, Oct 3 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Oct 3 Lunch       Take
Sun, Oct 3 Dinner       Take
Sat, Oct 9 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Oct 9 Lunch       Take
Sat, Oct 9 Dinner       Take
Sun, Oct 10 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Oct 10 Lunch       Take
Sun, Oct 10 Dinner       Take
Sat, Oct 16 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Oct 16 Lunch       Take
Sat, Oct 16 Dinner       Take
Sun, Oct 17 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Oct 17 Lunch       Take
Sun, Oct 17 Dinner       Take
Sat, Oct 23 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Oct 23 Lunch       Take
Sat, Oct 23 Dinner       Take
Sun, Oct 24 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Oct 24 Lunch       Take
Sun, Oct 24 Dinner       Take
Sat, Oct 30 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Oct 30 Lunch       Take
Sat, Oct 30 Dinner       Take
Sun, Oct 31 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Oct 31 Lunch       Take
Sun, Oct 31 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 6 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 6 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 6 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 7 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 7 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 7 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 13 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 13 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 13 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 14 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 14 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 14 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 20 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 20 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 20 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 21 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 21 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 21 Dinner       Take
Sat, Nov 27 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Nov 27 Lunch       Take
Sat, Nov 27 Dinner       Take
Sun, Nov 28 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Nov 28 Lunch       Take
Sun, Nov 28 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 4 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 4 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 4 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 5 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 5 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 5 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 11 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 11 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 11 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 12 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 12 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 12 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 18 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 18 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 18 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 19 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 19 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 19 Dinner       Take
Sat, Dec 25 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Dec 25 Lunch       Take
Sat, Dec 25 Dinner       Take
Sun, Dec 26 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Dec 26 Lunch       Take
Sun, Dec 26 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 1 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 1 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 1 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 2 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 2 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 2 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 8 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 8 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 8 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 9 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 9 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 9 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 15 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 15 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 15 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 16 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 16 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 16 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 22 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 22 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 22 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 23 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 23 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 23 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jan 29 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jan 29 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jan 29 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jan 30 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jan 30 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jan 30 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 5 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 5 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 5 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 6 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 6 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 6 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 12 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 12 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 12 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 13 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 13 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 13 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 19 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 19 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 19 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 20 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 20 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 20 Dinner       Take
Sat, Feb 26 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Feb 26 Lunch       Take
Sat, Feb 26 Dinner       Take
Sun, Feb 27 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Feb 27 Lunch       Take
Sun, Feb 27 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 5 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 5 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 5 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 6 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 6 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 6 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 12 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 12 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 12 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 13 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 13 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 13 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 19 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 19 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 19 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 20 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 20 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 20 Dinner       Take
Sat, Mar 26 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Mar 26 Lunch       Take
Sat, Mar 26 Dinner       Take
Sun, Mar 27 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Mar 27 Lunch       Take
Sun, Mar 27 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 2 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 2 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 2 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 3 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 3 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 3 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 9 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 9 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 9 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 10 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 10 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 10 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 16 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 16 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 16 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 17 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 17 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 17 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 23 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 23 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 23 Dinner       Take
Sun, Apr 24 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Apr 24 Lunch       Take
Sun, Apr 24 Dinner       Take
Sat, Apr 30 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Apr 30 Lunch       Take
Sat, Apr 30 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 1 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 1 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 1 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 7 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 7 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 7 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 8 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 8 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 8 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 14 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 14 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 14 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 15 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 15 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 15 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 21 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 21 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 21 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 22 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 22 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 22 Dinner       Take
Sat, May 28 Breakfast       Take
Sat, May 28 Lunch       Take
Sat, May 28 Dinner       Take
Sun, May 29 Breakfast       Take
Sun, May 29 Lunch       Take
Sun, May 29 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 4 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 4 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 4 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 5 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 5 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 5 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 11 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 11 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 11 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 12 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 12 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 12 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 18 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 18 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 18 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 19 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 19 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 19 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jun 25 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jun 25 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jun 25 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jun 26 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jun 26 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jun 26 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 2 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 2 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 2 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 3 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 3 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 3 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 9 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 9 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 9 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 10 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 10 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 10 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 16 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 16 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 16 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 17 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 17 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 17 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 23 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 23 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 23 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 24 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 24 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 24 Dinner       Take
Sat, Jul 30 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Jul 30 Lunch       Take
Sat, Jul 30 Dinner       Take
Sun, Jul 31 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Jul 31 Lunch       Take
Sun, Jul 31 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 6 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 6 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 6 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 7 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 7 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 7 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 13 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 13 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 13 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 14 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 14 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 14 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 20 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 20 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 20 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 21 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 21 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 21 Dinner       Take
Sat, Aug 27 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Aug 27 Lunch       Take
Sat, Aug 27 Dinner       Take
Sun, Aug 28 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Aug 28 Lunch       Take
Sun, Aug 28 Dinner       Take
Sat, Sep 3 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Sep 3 Lunch       Take
Sat, Sep 3 Dinner       Take
Sun, Sep 4 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Sep 4 Lunch       Take
Sun, Sep 4 Dinner       Take
Sat, Sep 10 Breakfast       Take
Sat, Sep 10 Lunch       Take
Sat, Sep 10 Dinner       Take
Sun, Sep 11 Breakfast       Take
Sun, Sep 11 Lunch       Take
Sun, Sep 11 Dinner       Take
Sat, Sep 17 Breakfast