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Meal Coordinator:  Kinuko Koga  6127418059 Invite Friends

Deliver Meals To:   216 Turnpike Road, Golden Valley, MN 55416   [view map] Print

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There are three people in the household, two boys aging 10 and 7 and a dad. Please drop off the meal in a cooler box in front the door. They have no allergies or dietary concerns. Kids love fruits, onigiri ( rice ball), eggs, apples and carrots, but they are not picky eater. Between 5pm to 5:30pm is the best time for the food to be dropped off.

Suggestions from . . .
  • Send them a meal instead. Click here to order.
  • Are you delivering dinner? Consider including breakfast items too.
  • Consider taking your meal in a disposable container.
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Date Meal Provider What I Plan To Bring   (Or Send...) Actions
Wed, Feb 13 Mayuko Simon Probably pasta with bolognese Change   |   Remove
Fri, Feb 15 Misato Sakai Beef and vegetables stew, rice, a side, fruits Change   |   Remove
Wed, Feb 27 Misato Sakai Salmon, vegetable soup, stir-fried rice with shrimp and vegetables, dessert Change   |   Remove
Fri, Mar 1 Mayu Nelson 6122082646 Karaage, Eggs, Onigiri&rice, and Fruits Change   |   Remove
Sat, Mar 2 Natsue Shelendich 6125224129 Change   |   Remove
Tue, Apr 2 Jin Chang 7632291179 Change   |   Remove
Wed, Apr 3 Mayuko Simon Kara age, california roll Change   |   Remove
Fri, Apr 5 Mutsumi Siddall 6122294263 Nikomi hamburg, rice, veggies, potato salad, pancakes for breakfast Change   |   Remove
Sat, Apr 6 Yoriko Akiyama 6126162729 Change   |   Remove
Tue, Apr 9 Akiko Bureau 763-843-5489 Change   |   Remove
Wed, Apr 10 Misato Sakai Chirashi-zushi, salmon, vegetable soup, side, fruits & dessert Change   |   Remove
Fri, Apr 12 Joan Qiu 651-354-9865 Change   |   Remove
Sat, Apr 13 Yoriko Akiyama 6126162729 Change   |   Remove
Tue, Apr 16 Izumi Nishi 6127474491 Teriyaki chicken, onigiri, miso soup, salad and fruits Change   |   Remove
Wed, Apr 17 Tammy Trachtenberg 612-987-2641 Lasagne, salad & bread Change   |   Remove
Fri, Apr 19 Angelica Kushi 9178178317 Change   |   Remove
Sat, Apr 20 Natsuki Oakes 6122374258 Fried Rice & Mabo Tofu, Sald & Fruit Change   |   Remove
Tue, Apr 23 Kinuko Koga 6127418059 Tonkatsu, potato salad, miso soup Change   |   Remove
Fri, Apr 26 Sayaka Ballinger 651-276-1807 Change   |   Remove
Sat, Apr 27 Natsuki Oakes 6122374258 Fried Noodle & Side Dish Change   |   Remove
Tue, Apr 30 Izumi Nishi 6127474491 Hamburg steak, rice, salad and fruits Change   |   Remove
Wed, May 1 Maggie Niska 6125787222 Cherry chicken pasta salad Change   |   Remove
Fri, May 3 Megumi Wong 6513980397 Red, White & Moo Chili Meal with Cornbread Change   |   Remove
Sat, May 4 Natsuki Oakes 6122374258 Oinari, Salmon, Soup, Vegi Change   |   Remove
Tue, May 7 Mayu Baumgart 6512165893 Change   |   Remove
Wed, May 8 Andy and Emiko Miller 6128509175 TBD Change   |   Remove
Fri, May 10 Veronica Lim 3057533129 Korean Bulgogi & Rice **4:30pm drop off** Change   |   Remove
Sat, May 11 Natsuki Oakes 6122374258 Chinjao Rosu, Soup, Rice, Dessert Change   |   Remove
Tue, May 14 Izumi Nishi 6127474491 Chicken curry, rice, salad and fruits Change   |   Remove
Wed, May 15 Andy and Emiko Miller 6128509175 4:30 drop off - Salmon w/cream dill sauce, risotto, fruit Change   |   Remove
Fri, May 17 Veronica Lim 3057533129 TBD Change   |   Remove
Sat, May 18 Yoriko Akiyama 6126162729 Change   |   Remove
Tue, May 21 Izumi Nishi 6127474491 Tonkatsu, rice, miso soup, salad and fruits Change   |   Remove
Wed, May 22 Mitsuyo Baumer 7634641707 4:30 drop off-Mapo tofu, rice, salad and fruits Change   |   Remove
Fri, May 24 Misato Sakai Vegetable soup, beef, fried rice with vegetables, fruits and dessert Change   |   Remove
Sat, May 25 Natsuki Oakes 6122374258 Oyako-don, Soup, Vegi, Fruit Change   |   Remove
Tue, May 28 Hiroe Akimoto 6127210358 TBD Change   |   Remove
Wed, May 29 Misato Sakai The Pellinen Family’s favorite: home made pork-bone ramen, gyoza, side of vegetables, fruits, dessert Change   |   Remove
Fri, May 31 Hiroe Akimoto 6127210358 TBD Change   |   Remove

This Meal Schedule Is Full!
To find out if any additional meals are needed, feel free to contact the meal coordinator:
Kinuko Koga  |