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Our Student Ministry is looking for HELP with SNACK food during Youth Group 5:30-7pm Sunday Nights. Be prepared to serve about 30-40. It doesn't have to be fancy or homemade, store-bought items work GREAT!!!! Don't have time to make or buy anything but still want to help?? Money Donations will be excepted so we can buy food for the night!!! Remember we only have a mircowave to use but plenty of room for a crockpot of 2. Click below to sign up for a night!!!!
Any questions please see Pastor Troy.

Things that work GREAT!!!
-chips and salsa
-Potato chips and dip
-cereal (4-6 boxes) & milk
-chex mix
-ice cream
-apples and dip
-pretzels and dip
-walking tacos
-nacho cheese dip/chips

Suggestions from . . .
  • Send them a meal instead. Click here to order.
  • Are you delivering dinner? Consider including breakfast items too.
  • Consider taking your meal in a disposable container.
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Sun, Nov 4       Take   |   Send
Sun, Nov 11 Rosa Goss   Chips and fruit snacks
Sun, Nov 18       Take   |   Send
Sun, Dec 2 Christin Fondren   Pretzels and pizza dip
Sun, Dec 9       Take   |   Send
Sun, Dec 16       Take   |   Send