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Meals should be prepared for 6 people. No MSG please.

We are grieved to announce the passing of our long-standing member Suzanne Naimark zl, the wife of Bob Naimark.

The funeral is scheduled for tonight, March 12, at the Rehovot cemetery, at 20:00.

Bob and the family will be sitting shiva at their home, 11/2 Ha'avoda, through Tuesday morning, March 19. The number there is 08-9471264. Bob's cell number is 052-246-1627.

Davening times are: Shacharit: 7:00, Mincha: 17:30, followed by Ma'ariv.

Our community wants to ensure that there will be a morning and evening minyan at the shiva, and that meals for those sitting shiva will be provided.

Please check details at
to see what help is needed, and sign yourselves up so that we can ensure that these important mitzvot are fulfilled.


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