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NayNay Dailey is having brain surgery in Mobile, AL on Aug 20th. Let's help love on her children and keep them fed! Jonathan, Brantley, Madison, and their uncle Jacob will still be here in Chattanooga. Madison will be coordinating everything and you can text or call her to coordinate delivery. She is still working at Zaxbys and get off work at 5pm everyday. So you can deliver to the church before 5pm, text or call Madi, and she will pick it up. Or you can deliver to their home in Harrison before 4:30pm or after 5:30pm (generally! - Always coordinate with Madi for the particular day!)

They have no food allergies or diet restrictions. Yazzman and Madi both said they eat anything. Madi says they enjoy all things in the pasta family and love chicken & rice type dishes.

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